Child of Drunks Has an Adventure!

Little One:

“SO, pretend you and Daddy are drunk, and so I say to you “I want a puppy,” and so you say YES, and so I get my skateboard and my money and I go down the street but I get lost and can’t find anything and so I ask a stranger where is the closest station to take me back home…”

OKAY. Let’s dissect this. Yes, I’m drinking right now. (But I wasn’t when he came up with this little fantasy.) At least he’s getting his own rides and using his own money, that’s a plus, and sounds like he never even finds a dog to bring home, double plus, so…All in all, pretty awesome adventure kid! Have at it! Just make sure you have that “stranger” get you to that station (bus?) that will bring you back home to your drunk parents. We may have sobered up by then, but if not…Fuck it, ask for a rhino next time, see what happens!

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